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We are voluntary breeders of exotic birds parrots especial species which are threaten by extinction. We only sale our birds when our aviary is full of weaned birds which trained back at the center from babies. We deliver our birds worldwide mostly in pairs since we prompt the breeding of these birds as a means to check extinction. Below is the current list of pet parrot bird’s species ready for delivery to loving homes. Yellow Nape Amazons Double Yellow Headed Amazons Blue front Amazons African Congo Greys Redtails Timneh Congo Grey Blue and Gold Macaws Scarlet Macaws Camerlot Macaws Hyacinth Macaws Rose Breasted cockatoos Umbrella cockatoos We are currently giving discounts on all birds bought in pairs, including the available fresh fertile eggs for those who want hatch and breed their own birds. Interested starters and loving families can contact us directly with their detailed address for the delivery. [email protected]