hand raise parrots and fertile eggs for sale

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Well train hand fed parrot species and fertile parrot eggs available for sale at affordable prices Hyacinth macaw , Military macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw , Green Wing Macaw , Scarlet macaw, Military macaw, Umbrella cockatoo, Triton cockatoo , , Greater sulfur cockatoo , Lesser Sulfur cockatoo , Galah cockatoo , PINK Cockatoo , Moulucan cockatoo, Blue Fronted Amazon , Double yellow head Amazon , Lilac Amazon, Yellow Nape Amazon , Vosmaeri Electus , Grand electus Electus redsided , african Grey , etc Our parrots are hand raise and captive breeds, Vet tested and comes with up to date health record. we raise our babies with love and lots of attention. All of our parrots are exposed to the busy family life of teenagers and pets .for more details contact email: [email protected] Shipping is available where needed.