best quality super red chili red and golden arowa

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BEST QUALITY SUPER RED, CHILI RED AND GOLDEN AROWANA FISHES FOR SALE We supply live Arowana fishes of all kinds,we have Super Red,Red Asian Arowana,jardini Arowana,Chili Red,Golden Arowana and others etc... Each equipped with chip & certificate to comply with CITES We grow into one of the best arowana’s brand, well known in International market . We deliver live Arowana by air cargo, so we can deliver to almost anywhere in the world. Re-sellers are welcomed to inquire.Quality and healthy +A Grade,We give them out on an affordable price, contact now on more info's, serious inquires only, email us for more information and pictures DO INCLUDE YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER WHEN RESPONDING.. WE DELIVER TO ANY PART WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS. SERIOUS CONTACTS ONLY PLEASE [email protected]